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Construction Documents

Reedy & Sykes Architecture and Design believes every building it designs should exhibit exceptional performance, durability, beauty, and sustainability in design and construction. Although the program dictates the extent to which this ideal is practicable, this is the high standard set for every project. The architects at Reedy and Sykes assume that the customer desires these same qualities in their finished product as well as a good return on investment; and value added for design and support services throughout all phases of construction. The client/designer relationship hinges on effective communication, and Reedy and Sykes architects begin each project listening carefully to what you say you want your building to be and do.
We can deal with the mountainous terrain, and challenges unique to building sites located on steep slopes in what is classified as a temperate rainforest. We know micro environments, soil conditions, prevailing winds, and estimated snow loads for various locations in the Mountain Empire. We know what side of the building is going to get weathered, what plants will take over your garden and which are doomed from the get-go, and where your bird feeds may attract bears!
Reedy & Sykes Architecture and Design opened in 1983. Through the years more than one thousand completed designs have created long-established relationships with engineering teams of all disciplines, and we know which of the local builders and contractors have reputable track records. We can provide oversight for your project if you desire and recommend critical points for building inspections before release of payment.

Construction Administration

We can lead you through the process and phases of construction from site selection through selection of materials and vendors to contract negotiation and final inspection. By never losing sight of the final product and by helping you consider the long-range plans for your building, we can help you estimate relative construction, operating and maintenance costs so that you make informed decisions that minimize wasted time, money and resources.

Architectural Visualization

Sometimes seeing is believing. At Reedy & Sykes, we incorporate several different artistic strategies to help the client understand and see the space before hours are spent developing construction documents. Rendering capabilities allow our clients to see the possibilities!

Interior Architecture

Let us help you make your space into a place. Our interior services can assist you through creating a floor plan to material selections. We have an eager team of designers to help create a vision come to life.